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DISH® Network Features Blockbuster @Home™


Blockbuster has joined with DISH to offer customers the largest library of movies, games and TV shows available. Now you can bring your local theater to your living room.

With Blockbuster @Home™, you get access to:

  • Over 100,000 movies, TV shows, and games delivered to your door
  • Streaming capability on your TV, computer and iPad
  • 20 additional entertainment channels like STARZ Cinema, EPIX, Sony Movie Channel, Palladia, and more
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Are you a gamer? We got you covered!

Blockbuster @Home is a gamer’s paradise. Get thousands of games available across different platforms ready for you to play, whenever you want. This is perfect for trying out new titles, or sports games.

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If you haven’t heard the news already, DISH purchased Blockbuster last year, allowing DISH subscribers to bundle TV, movies and games in an unprecedented way, giving subscribers more entertainment choice and delivery options on one monthly bill, for an incredibly low price. Now DISH and Blockbuster can offer the most extensive library of movies, games and TV shows available.

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Stream. Mail. Order. Exchange. We give you several ways to watch. Here’s how.

Stream to your TV, computer and iPad®

Stream to your TV, computer and iPad®

All you need is a broadband Internet connection, and then you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows to your TV, computer and iPad.

*Streaming to TV requires HD programming and a broadband Internet connected ViP® 612, 622, 722, 722k, 922 or Hopper™ receiver. Fee may apply to upgrade your current receiver. Streaming to iPad® requires DISH Remote Access app.

Get it Mailed

Get it Mailed

Want your movies, TV shows and games physically delivered to your door? No problem. Blu-ray rentals included free of charge.

In-Store Exchanges

In-Store Exchanges

Tired of waiting for your movies, TV shows, and games? Go get it now at your local Blockbuster with unlimited in-store exchanges, and when you’re done, return the DVD and envelope at your local Blockbuster, and exchange it for something else.

*Applicable to games that have an in-store price of 99 cents per day or less


Get over 20 additional entertainment channels including STARZ® Cinema, EPIX, Sony Movie Channel, Palladia and many more!

  • A&E
  • ABC Family
  • AlmaVision
  • Angel One
  • America Live
  • Baby TV
  • Azteca America
  • BabyFirst
  • Bandamax
  • bein sport
  • BYU Television
  • Boomerang
  • Bloomberg HD
  • C-SPAN
  • Cartoon Network


When you order DISH today, Blockbuster @Home is FREE of charge. Go to the Packages menu or click the button below to order now!

Free for 3 months. Regularly $10/mo (one disc at a time)
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